Is Your Subaru's Battery Dying? Here Are a Few Tips

Like a human body, each component of your Subaru is vital. Among the most important parts of your vehicle is its battery. It's crucial to monitor the health of your Subaru's battery to ensure your vehicle starts every time. Not only that but a smooth driving experience depends on it as well.

What are the warning signs that your Subaru's battery is failing? Is it necessary to have a professional check your battery's health? Our expert service department at Brewster Subaru, serving Cortlandt Manor, Yorktown Heights, and all of Westchester, can answer those questions and more. To know the warning signs of a bad vehicle battery, continue reading below.

Signs of an Unhealthy Battery

There are a few tell-tale warning signs you should watch out for when it comes to the health of your Subaru's battery.

For example, if your interior and exterior lights are dimmer than usual or flicker, this is a sign that your battery needs to be checked. Another sign that your Subaru's battery is in need of maintenance or replacing is a slow starter when you turn the ignition.

If you notice the above-mentioned symptoms, bring your Subaru into our service station as soon as you can so that our highly trained service technicians can have a look.

However, in rare cases, your Subaru's battery may not show any signs of being unhealthy. Vehicle batteries are affected by a number of factors ranging from extreme weather conditions to how much you drive. Of course, age plays a major role in a battery's health as well.

This makes routine maintenance by our knowledgeable service team even more important. The service techs have special equipment for doing a battery test.

What a Battery Test Entails

When you bring your Subaru in for maintenance at Brewster Subaru, our mechanics will use an Automotive Battery Tester to measure the health of your vehicle's battery.

And if it turns out you need to replace your battery, we here at Brewster Subaru are capable of providing you with the original manufacturer battery, as well as any other Subaru part you may need.

Keep Track of Scheduled Maintenance Visits

When you purchased your Subaru, you should have received a maintenance booklet featuring scheduled intervals for bringing your Subaru in for a checkup.

If you follow the schedule provided in your maintenance booklet, you will catch many maintenance-related issues before they get out of hand.

Your privacy is important to us.

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