Battery Services At Brewster Subaru

Yorktown drivers know and love Subaru for their long lasting quality and performance. However, nothing last forever and to reach 200,000-miles of adventure you will need to replaces different components from time to time to ensure the same high-quality performance that you feel in love with on the test drive. One thing that your Subaru will need form time to time is a new battery. But how often will you need to replace the battery on your Subaru?

What does your car battery do? How long does it last? What drains my battery? When should I have it replaced are all frequently asked questions that we get from Brewster drivers. We have the answers to all your car battery questions to help our customers keep their Subaru running like new for many miles to come.

On average your car battery should last 5 to 7 years and some batteries may last up to 10 depending on your driving habits and how you store your Subaru during the winter. Things that will affect your batteries life span include extreme temperatures (hot and cold), too many short drives, and corrosion. Corrosion can be cleaned away from the battery terminals whenever it builds up and will keep the battery functioning properly. You can tell that your battery is getting low when the engine turns over slowly and the dashboard lights flicker or are dim when starting your Subaru. Another sign that the battery is weak is when your power windows move slower than usual and the lights dim when idling.

If you think that it is time for a new battery give our service center a call and we will make a time for you to have our technicians check or replace your battery. Also be sure to see what part specials we are currently running to see if you can save money on a new battery for your Outback, Legacy or Crosstrek.

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